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Here is some classroom solutions link which is really useful for school and educational activities like Classroom syllabus, Ncert Solutions, Other major problems which is held at Classroom for Teachers and Students as well.

classrom mangement software

classrom mangement software

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Classteacher’s latest offering 3D Educational Software Solutions

3D Solution in Smart Classrooms

Classteacher 3D solution allows teachers to teach complex concepts whilst engaging students and bringing lesson content to life. 3D learning experience helps students to learn in a virtual environment, allowing them to get into the depth of the subject.

For example, get inside the human heart to understand its functions, understand the creation of Harappan Civilization, etc. 

Classteacher Learning Systems offer two different kinds of Education Software in 3D modules.

Education Software Mono 3D :- Mono 3D modules make it simple for students to learn through 3D images and lay emphasis on the basics of the concept. on the basics of the concept. 

3d education Software

Education Software Stereoscopic 3D :- Stereoscopic 3D takes learning to the next level- engrossing students and helping them easily visualize even difficult concepts. These are to be viewed with polarizing glasses.

Educational Software

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Comparison Between e Learning & Traditional learning


The new era of technology enabled education or ‘e-learning’ is displacing the traditional methods of learning. E-learning is a broader term than ‘on-line
learning’ and ‘m-learning’. The uniqueness of e-learning is that, it provides the learner the opportunity to learn anytime, anywhere in this world.

Traditional learning-where the instructor teaches or facilitates all the sessions in classroom but incorporates technology in some or all classes –for example, PowerPoint presentations, web based activities, multimedia simulations of key concepts, virtual labs and/or online testing. In this method of learning the tutor usually talks more than the student. The learning is conducted with the whole class participating; there is almost no group or individual study. The teacher conducts the lesson according to the study program and the existing curriculum. In this method of learning tutors take more effort than students.


E-Learning sometimes referred to as online learning, web-based learning, distance learning and technology-based learning, among other names, is a concept that has gathered
significant global attention.E-learning is the only method of learning, where two distinct learning styles of auditory learners and visual learners are incorporated. In e-learning,content is delivered via the Internet, intranet/extranet, audio or video tape, satellite TV, and CD-ROM whereas online learning is done by only with the help of Internet and Intranet. In this method of learning students have to take more effort (self-motivation) because no face to face interaction between students and tutors or peers.

The key advantages of e-Learning are flexibility, convenience and ability to work at any time and place where an internet connection is available. The main reasons for e-learning’s popularity are convenience and cost. Learning from an onsite computer is more convenient and cost-effective than traveling across the centers for a training session.Traditional learning alone also can’t stand for longer time. Because only facilitator is talking and students are listening can make monotony for the students. To make interesting and effective learning online learning is good quality for aspiring future genius.



Facebook Family Photo Contest

My Family Photo Contest- Facebook Contest

Published March 7, 2013 | By Administrator

THE Family Photo CONTEST

(Click http://bit.ly/ZfgdiG to participate.)

The participant needs to put a group photo. It could be your batch-mates, your cousins, your parents or any group which you consider as your family. Solo photographs or offensive images would be discarded.

Post your family photo and win a “Classpad” tablet and many more gifts.



The winners would be chosen on maximum votes.

1st Prize: Classpad Education Tablet
2nd Prize: Fastrack Watch
3rd Prize: Philips (Over The Head) Headphone
4th – 10th : Classteacher Mugs each


Contest ends on 1st Apr’ 2013 11 PM IST.

Valid only in India.

Visit for more information about Facebook Family Contest :- https://www.facebook.com/Classteacher



3D Immersive Visualization System

The fastest growing Education Company Mind Shaper Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offering the unique 3D Immersive Visualization System.   Image

Visual learning plays an important role in the learning process. Classteacher 3D solution allows teachers to teach complex concepts whilst engaging students and bringing lesson content to life.
The 3D learning experience helps students to learn in a virtual environment, allowing them to get into the depth of the subject.

For example, get inside the human heart to understand its functions, understand the creation of Harappan Civilization, etc.



Virtual Classroom

As the pioneers of interactive classroom technology in India offering digital classrooms solutions or smart classrooms (as they are popularly known), Classteacher is eager to play an active role in developing and cultivating schools of the future by providing innovative, scalable and affordable solutions to the education community. Our work with over 600 schools and over 10,000 educators over the last decade has revealed that students no longer accept information without processing it and without asking – Why? Thus arose the need to innovate. Innovate with vision and conviction and the expertise to shift the paradigm from simple chalkboards to interactive curriculum.


The K-12 education system is undergoing an enormous transformation, and as students discover new ways to communicate and interact, the introduction of new technologies like interactive classroom teachingonline learning and virtual learning systems into the school environment using information and communication technology can be a turning point. Today’s students must have 21st Century skills such as creativity, problem solving, communication and analytical thinking to compete in the increasingly digital global marketplace. 

Our curriculum seamlessly integrates interactive white boards, multimedia devices, tablets, scientific probes and assessment devices etc. to create a truly immersive learning experience advocating and supporting collaborative learning and facilitating learning outcomes like critical thinking, creativity, global awareness, initiative and self-direction. Our revolutionary Skill Assessment Program use learner response systems to illustrate immediate feedback, ensuring it is accurate, timely and immediate – a comprehensive program based on both formative and summative assessments Problem Solving, Creativity and Application.

It helps schools leverage the power of technology for

>  Better management (of the school)
>  Productivity (of teachers and administrative staff)
>  Communication (with external entities) and learning outcomes (of     students)

Classteacher strongly focuses on providing measurable Classroom Technology driven learning outcomesIt stands for Learning and Teaching in the 21st century.


Counting Numbers Game for Kids

This ‘Count Numbers‘ free game teaches children to recognize and write numbers 1- 10, understand missing numbers, greater smaller, and more. This maths education app is designed for preschoolers with beautiful graphics and amusing sounds.

This maths app gives them a chance to excel as many skills enlisted below:

★★ Learn Counting – For learning the mathematical number concepts.
★★ Write Numbers – This free android app assists the toddler how to write different numbers.
★★ Missing Numbers – Missing numbers allow the preschoolers to practice by filling missing numbers from the patterns given.
★★ Number Names – Introduces all the number names to the preschoolers.
★★ Connect Dot – A dot to dot game for kids.
★★ Greater Smaller – Sea Saw is one of the favorite rides all children like to take. The kids have to click on the number greater or smaller. Continue reading